Michael Dayvid

Michael Dayvid

Photo courtesy of  Aleisha Bradley

Photo courtesy of Aleisha Bradley

A solo singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer/arranger, and entertainer, Michael Dayvid is the world's premiere Adventure Folk artist. He has been producing and performing original and non-original music for almost 20 years, ranging in style from jazz to folk, blues to classic rock, opera to show tunes, Top 40 to the 1940s and back.

Michael has independently released 2 EP recordings, and will release a new 2019 EP on Mercury Sky Records. His debut "First Takes" (2010) was recorded in one take only. His sophomore release "Tea & Secrets" (2016) was recorded and co-produced by Dominic Romano. In October 2019, thanks to Mercury Sky, Michael will release an epic Cinematic Rock EP “Solveig’s Shadow” (2019), featuring massive original orchestrations that bring new life to Michael’s musical dreams.

Michael has also collaborated with studio bands in a variety of genres, performing vocals, rhythm and lead guitars, keyboards, wind instruments, or composing string arrangements, lyrics, and more. He performs regularly with Alternative Celtic Folk band The Gatehouse Well.

Michael holds numerous solo residencies throughout Humboldt County, CA. Visit the LIVE page to view a current list.